It has a full range of style products such as wooden doors,

wooden windows, stairs, wall panels,

and integrated home furnishings


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About Yulin
Brief introduction

Liaoning Yulin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in high-end home furnishing for 25 years.

Its Yulin Home Furnishing brand has two modern production bases in Liaoning and Henan, covering an area of more than 70,000 square meters, with an annual output value of 350 million yuan. Provide "5 styles and 8 systems" home system solutions. With the belief of "localization of imported quality", we continue to independently develop and innovate products from an international perspective. The products cover wooden doors, wooden windows, stairs, wall panels, integrated home furnishings, etc., and the complete product line enriches the different needs of villas and high-end customers, and is a high-end classic brand in the system custom home furnishing industry.

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